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Paper Application


Synthetic Amorphous Precipitated Silica & Sodium Magnesium Aluminosilicate For paper Application

Synthetic Sodium Aluminosilicate Grades

  • MASIL (Alkaline pH)
  • MASIL-7 (Neutral pH)
  • MASIL-123

Synthetic Precipitated Silica Grades

  • MFIL-P
  • Product Characteristics
    • 1. High performance synthetic amorphous precipitated silica and sodium magnesium aluminosilicate, recommended for Paper applications designed with a defined internal porosity & provide desired Liquid absorption capacity

      2. Precipitated Silica due to high absorption and brightness offers good opacity and whiteness for Newsprint.

      3. Sodium magnesium aluminosilicate due to finer particle size and narrow particle size distribution offers excellent opacity, partial replacement of Titanium dioxide, enhanced friction control for Décor Paper.

      4. High end brightness paper, copier paper, coated paper etc..

  • Benefits
    • 1. Synthetic in nature, suitable for acid & alkaline sizing chemicals used in Paper manufacturing.

      2. Enhancement in optical properties of Paper, increasing the interfaces between air, pigment and fibre.

      3. Provides good opacity and hiding power.

      4. Improved printability, bulk and enhanced friction control.

      5. Low abrasion value &improved ink receptivity

      6. Partial replacement of Titanium dioxide.

      7. Spaces Titanium dioxide, thereby improving its optical efficiency

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